A new hospital in the centre of East KENT is what CHEK is campaigning for, a hospital with all specialities under one roof including Trauma and Acute Mental Health beds. We still need hospitals at each end of East Kent though to continue offering services nearer to patients' homes once those who have needed the more specialist treatment can be sent to them if they are not fit enough to be sent home, along with those not requiring the more specialist care.  A state of the art hospital would certainly attract new, well qualified staff to East Kent as did the establishment of the Post Graduate Centre at the Kent and Canterbury hospital way back 50+ years ago.

Unless and until such a new hospital is built along with more services provided in the community, the situation here in East Kent will only get worse with a growing population and more of us living longer with the increasing demands on the NHS this brings.

Very interesting meeting held last evening at the University of Kent to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS. This was addressed by an academic involved in research, the
Head of HealthWatch and the Chair of the local Hospital Trust. The theme was the NHS, past, present and future.  We were told the first person to live to 200 has already been born! Just imagine what the future needs of health and social care will be with extended life expectancy. We are not adequately coping now with those living to 100. I personally know a family cracking under the strain of doing that for a family member right now.

The NHS needs to be taken out of the political area. It should not be a battleground for in fighting between opposing political parties that has and continues to happen right now. Successive governments of different political colours have failed East Kent over the years. We have politicians here right now failing to look at the wider picture while the public who have elected them are having to bear the brunt of past failings to address the needs of health and social care.

A new state of the art hospital in the centre of East Kent is certainly one solution and we must continue our campaigning to achieve this however we need to have services removed 'temporally' from the K&C returned there immediately to ease some of the pressure this action has put on the hospitals in Thanet and Ashford. Along with this we need a massive overhaul with appropriate financial provision to provide more services in the community.

It was such a pity that Canterbury and Whitstable's MP got caught up in another almost daily occurrence of a major hold up on the M2/A2, that she did not get to the meeting to hear from the panel the present and future health and social care needs for her constituents and those of all the other local MPs.


Peggy Pryer   13 July 2018

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  • Jane Knight
    commented 2019-02-07 09:55:05 +0000
    Surely a glance at a map of the whole of Kent , Canterbury is the obvious logistical centre for a huge area . It also has an exclusive emergency route directly off the A2 , so arguments about traffic congestion are not relevant.