A&E waits not improving: CHEK calls another public meeting

If a patient waits less than five hours to see a doctor then that’s seen as a good day” (A&E Nurse at the WHH)

28 October 10am Northgate Community Centre, Military Road Canterbury Book your free place

With the new temporary CEO and Chairman in place, CHEK wants to know how the Trust is going to cope with winter, and demands that they reopen the Emergency Care Centre in Canterbury.

CHEK Chair Ken Rogers says “the Emergency Care Centre in Canterbury is empty with the beds ready and made up with no patients. Meanwhile both the QEQM and William Harvey Hospitals are filled to the brim with patients having to wait longer than anywhere else in the country. We all still believe this crisis was engineered.

“Figures released by the Clinical Commissioning Group show the cost of moving the junior doctors from Canterbury is between £2.2 and £4 million. This is on top of the extra £450,000 per month spent on additional ambulances to move patients between the sites.  This proves that patient care was not the priority.” 

Ken continues “I am really worried about the safety of patients and this can only get worse in the coming months. Unless they use the K&C to its full potential, the quality of healthcare will plunge even further - to a dangerous level - and the stupid thing is a lot of this could have been avoided”

The following quote is from a report ‘Healthcare Resources International’ and dated December 2000. It was commissioned by the then hospital trust, and could have easily been written today given the state of our A&Es

It has to be stated quite unequivocally that the Trust is being placed at very significant risk within all its Accident and Emergency facilities. The risk issues identified by staff coupled with the clear visual evidence whilst touring the two Accident and Emergency sites, clearly indicates that a vital hospital function is totally compromised.

The number of patients attending the departments, along with the numerous bedded patients within these departments is creating chaos. The stress particularly of nursing staff, has become intolerable and the consequent clinical environment is fundamentally unsafe. It is remarkable that no major clinical catastrophe has occurred in recent times arising directly out of the clinical environment within which staff are operating…………………………

We are preparing a letter and documents to present to the Secretary of Health, Jeremy Hunt, and will be taking campaigners to London to personally deliver them. We have arranged coach places for about 150 campaigners to show their feelings outside the Department of Health. Mr Hunt has agreed to accept the delivery personally and we are awaiting a suitable date in early November.

Ken concludes “our visit to London to present a letter to Jeremy Hunt will make sure he gives direction to our problems here in east Kent. We believe these can be solved by the building of a new hospital in east Kent with a medical school alongside” 

Book your free place at the public meeting on Saturday 28 October at 10am

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