Services ‘unlikely to return to K&C for months’

Stealth tactics from EKHUFT mean we may never see services returned to the K&C.

This weekend the Kent on Sunday reported that Trust Chief Executive, Matthew Kershaw, has said the ‘temporary’ removal of services from the Kent and Canterbury will continue well into next year. 

We believe this to be part of the Trust’s agenda to radically downgrade the K&C to nothing more than a basic recuperation centre, leaving the city of Canterbury without a hospital.

In order to remove services, the Trust is legally obliged to carry out a public consultation. However, by claiming the move is only ‘temporary’ the Trust can circumvent the rules until it becomes impossible to move back. Staff changes, the cost of moving equipment, and the mothballing of departments mean that the longer the services are kept away, the harder it is to return them.

In the meantime, the increased pressure on Ashford and Margate hospitals are bringing services to near collapse.

The Trust is playing politics with patients’ lives. The only way to stop them is to support CHEK and our campaign to save the Kent and Canterbury hospital.

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