Chek has written to the new secretary of state for Health Matt Hancock to ask for an appointment to see him.


Following on from our visit to see his predecessor in November CHEK wants to keep the pressure up. We have also invited him down to see for himself what the problems are in east Kent.

The acute services were removed from the K&C last June and we are campaigning to bring them back. Some of those services are being consulted on now, but we need a consultation on all of the acute services, and where they should be in east Kent. The full consultation that is planned but delayed should be focused on the best place geographically for these services, and CHEK is adamant that has not changed in the last 20 years, and should be in the centre of east Kent at the K&C. 

There is no doubt that our premises for acute care are requiring major works to bring them into modern sustainable estate, suitable for health care for the foreseeable future.

CHEK had a big campaign last year for a new hospital, and there is now an option on the table to accept the offer of a shell of a new hospital built on land adjacent to the present K&C. This would be at no cost to the NHS as it has been offered free by a developer. Why this has not been accepted since it was offered over 12 months ago is unacceptable. We are now told that a full consultation on acute hospital services will not take place until early 2019 which makes a decision not likely until the end of the year.

In the meantime the NHS are in danger are investing money in propping up services instead of looking at the big picture and taking the decisions now, which will benefit patients now. One of those services is the new stroke service and its one referred as consulting now. That consultation has ended and has been studied. The stroke unit for east Kent is seen as the William Harvey Hospital, and not the K&C or indeed the QEQM, that's because they were not included in the consultation, and in the case of the K&C illegality we believe.

Should the acute services be located at the K&C then we are told that a new consultation would be carried out to move the stroke services from the WHH to the K&C. This is a ridiculous waste of money the new HASU stroke services should be at the K&C whatever happens, and plans should be made to put it there now, then the patients of east Kent could look forward to a centrally located service that surely must be a benefit to patient outcomes.  



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